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Rp 25.000Rp 25.000

Rubber Tee - available size :  5 , 6 , 7  &  8 cm 

Good for Tee box at the Driving Range 

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Golf Buddy WT3 GPS Watch

Designed specifically for golfers, GolfBuddy believe the WT3 is the most feature-rich GPS watch on the market.
As well as providing distances to the front, middle and back of the green, the WT3 also features Moveable Pin Technology, a Dynamic Green View, shot measurement and distances to hazards.

The Dynamic Green View allows the WT3 to always display front, middle and back yardages directly from your angle of approach. So no matter if you are in the middle of the fairway, or the middle of the wrong fairway, the yardages you will be looking at are specific to your position and angle on the course.




The GolfBuddy WT3 watch has a range of other features packed inside its compact design, including a digital clock, stopwatch, odometer and scorecard.

The rechargable Li-ion battery that powers the WT3 watch will last around 9 hours in GPS mode and up to 50 days in basic watch mode.

Each WT3 watch is pre-loaded with more than 8,000 courses in Europe and North Africa, and more than 36,000 courses globally. As with all GolfBuddy devices, it does not require any subscription or membership fees and is ready to use right out of the box.

Finally, should you hit a brand new golf ball into a water hazard, and want to go get it, the WT3 is waterproof up to 30m. Although we don’t recommend swimming in golf course water hazards.

Rp 125.000Rp 125.000

Head Cover Driver Jerapah

Kondisi : Baru

Merk : Custom 

Bahan : Fabric

untuk melindungi driver anda dari benturan stick golf lainnya.

Berani tampil beda dengan Golfer lainnya.

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Rp 3.750.000Rp 3.750.000



Lens Width

38 mm


Temple Length

125 mm

Out of stock
Rp 250.000
Rp 200.000Rp 200.000

Putter Cover Scotty Cameron 

Bahan : Semi kulit motif

Logo : Bordir

Kondisi : Baru

Penutup: Velcro

Cover Putter yang jarang di temukan. Untuk segala jenis putter blade.Stock terbatas.

Rp 275.000Rp 275.000

Special Edition :  Score Card with Batik Cover 

Good Quality and Beneficial

Genuine Leather

Out of stock
Rp 125.000Rp 125.000
Out of stock
Rp 25.000Rp 25.000

Spike Wrench (kunci spike)

Kunci pembuka spike sepatu golf.

Untuk ukuran USA & Japan size.

Warna merah dan hitam

Rp 30.000Rp 30.000

Tee Golf warna-warni

Bahan plastik.

Awet dan praktis serta ringan
Menerima pesanan grosir.

Out of stock
Rp 250.000
Rp 225.000Rp 225.000

Payung Taylormade M6

Warna silver kombinasi Hijau 

Double layer / 2 susun

Tombol pembuka otomatis

Keren dan bagus

Cover / penutup payung

Menerima pesanan payung berbagai bentuk dan merek,untuk Tournament, Dsb.